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Actual Client Testimonials

These are actual unedited client reviews left by Attorney Tassel's satisfied clients on attorney review websites.  Read them and see what he can do for your unique legal problem.

I had a very complex criminal case that encompasses a range of issues pertaining to elder abuse, law enforcement, medical care, cultural competency and I was facing some serious charges due to being a clinical health care provider. I needed a lawyer who could navigate the complexity of these issues, command the respect of the court system, and help me gained confidence to fight these charges. I found in Neil Tassel the right lawyer to take on the case.
Throughout the process, Neil was always very responsive, professional, truly dedicated to the case and demonstrated a great sense of communication. He was able to quickly research, study, and master several aspects of the case that required the use of expert witnesses. He was always well-prepared for court and smartly and aggressively cross-examined the prosecution expert witnesses. During the trial, Neil was able to demonstrate extensive and in-depth knowledge of complex legal issues that not only gained him the respect of both the judge and the prosecution in the case, but also led to a successful outcome for me.
Put in simple terms, Neil Tassel is an outstanding and highly-experienced criminal lawyer that I highly recommend for any complex criminal case.

Nurse Client

 Scales of Justice

One Mistake Made

"You know, not many attorneys can come in here and do what he just did.”

"As a result of some poor decision making and circumstances, I found myself on the wrong side of the law. I took immediate action to rectify the situation and contacted Attorney Neil Tassel. Neil came highly recommended to me from several people in the legal industry. 
When I consulted with Neil, after reviewing the summons, he immediately pointed out that I should have been entitled to a Magistrate’s Hearing before an Arraignment issued. 
On April 19, 2019, after a quick appearance before the Judge, citing case law, really fighting for me, he won the arguments and the Judge sent both Parties to the Clerk’s office to schedule a Magistrate hearing. 
After speaking with the Magistrate, Neil informed me that the Clerk was willing to conduct the hearing that same day! I was shocked and in disbelief, as that never happens. 
Within 15 minutes of talking privately with the Clerk; attorney Tassel, the other Party, and myself then spoke in the lobby. I turned to Neil and asked “what time is the hearing”? He looked at me and said “there is no hearing, it’s over, let’s go”! 
I stood there speechless, shaking my head, as I never expected that outcome. It was an astonishing result to say the least. Lastly, after all said and done, the Magistrate approached me, and said “you know, not many attorneys can come in here and do what he just did”. 
I knew from the moment I walked in that courthouse I was in good hands, simply by the number of people that greeted him, and his knowledge of the law, and his representation of me in that courtroom. 
Attorney Tassel truly cares about his clients and certainly goes the extra mile! What he was able to do for me that day is unheard of and the result even more astounding! 
I highly recommend Mr. Tassel, as he is the best!"


Old Conviction Vacated

30 Year Injustice Fixed

"I found Neil on the Comm2a web site. I was having trouble receiving a LTC because of a 30 yr old conviction that I shouldn’t have been guilty of. He was able to retrieve 30 yr old hand written police reports and court documents that were not easily found. Was able to piece it all together to determine that I was charged and found guilty of something that was never illegal to begin with. Yup believe it or not I was a victim of our criminal justice system. He was able to make a case for me and show with all of the documentation he was able to dig up that I was clearly not guilty. So for 30yrs I had a felony charge on my record that was incorrect. But in a timely fashion we was able to get the DA and a judge to agree that I was falsely convicted of something that wasn’t a crime. It never even made it to court. My conviction was changed and record corrected. 5 weeks later my town issued me a LTC class A license.
I highly recommend Neil for any legal trouble that he specializes in. He has the Knowledge and Tenacity to do what has to be done to win. I’ve recommended him to friends and I recommend him to anyone reading his reviews. If he can help you he will."

"Best lawyer to have on your side in MA!"

"Neil is the best guy to have on your team. He is a very knowledgeable professional as well as a smart and resourceful lawyer who would go the extra mile in researching your case and all of the possible angles. He works hard in getting you the best outcome and counsel. It's also comforting to have a lawyer who is noticeably respected by his peers and everyone else in the courthouse."

Pleased Client

"I needed a lawyer on one of those weird firearms cases you read about. Neil was able to look over my case and find the tactic which eventually proved to be the correct one. He was always timely, professional, and very knowledgeable. Hopefully I will not need his services again, but if I do I am entirely confident he will get the job done."

Satisfied Client

Note: this situation was one that could have been made easier had the client obtained counsel immediately upon the situation arising.  Competent counsel could have possibly prevented criminal charges ever issuing against this client.  Get advice right away!

"On one terrible night after a night out in town a female accused me of rape. That female conjured up a horrendous story and authorities had taken their position in believing the story and I was arrested. Throughout this time, Neil was available whenever I needed consultation and was reviewing my case constantly as well as providing support. When the jury returned a not guilty verdict, I believe he was the main reason that allowed the jury to see the inconsistency in her story through his attention to small details and due diligence. Justice was served. I highly recommend if someone needs a criminal lawyer to hire to look at Neil as he will BE THERE for you when you need him, in the darkest hours he will make sure you see the light at the end of the tunnel. He is one of the good ones that actually cares."

Thankful Client

Possession of Firearm - Logan Airport

"Excellent, professional representation. Has extensive knowledge of firearms inside and outside of the courtroom. Listens to client and doesn't jump on the "lets just compromise" bandwagon I feel far too many other lawyers I consulted used as the starting point when looking to hire someone. My case was resolved with charges dropped. I would highly recommend Neil as the primary choice for any firearms case."

Attorney Tassel replies: I was happy to help this client get all his charges dismissed.  He was a law abiding gun owner from another state who passed through Logan security with a firearm accidentally.  He was facing mandatory jail time.  We had to be prepared to try this case and we had the evidence that he did not knowingly possess a firearm in his baggage.  Other lawyers suggested he try to make a plea bargain.  I got his charges dismissed and negotiated a drastic reduction of 75 percent in his fines from the FAA.

"I was charged with Indecent Assault and Battery and Neil handled my case for over a year after taking it over from another attorney. The case has now been resolved successfully in the best possible way it could have given what Neil had to work with. Neil was extremely professional, he was always easy to reach and he took the time to explore many details of the case and spend a lot of time on it. On several occasions he went above and beyond what was needed. For example, I told him about an effect a conviction might have on a trade license I have and Neil proactively looked up specifics of our disposition & showed me how I could keep my job. Neil has a ton of knowledge and was always willing to answer my questions in painstaking detail. I took a very active role in my defense and asked Neil about many possibilities for defense, even far fetched ones. He took the time to objectively and fairly explain all options. When I switched from the previous lawyer I did a lot of research and spoke to other lawyers. Neil was the clear best choice for my defense and I'm glad I chose him as my counsel.

Neil not only defended me and got the outcome I specifically told him I could live with, he got an even more favorable outcome than we had hoped... knowing what I learned about this type of charge it went as well as it could have possibly realistically. The previous lawyer made several errors and Neil was able to mitigate this damage. Had I only worked with Neil from day one I would probably have an even better outcome. Neil worked miracles in my case and I believe he genuinely cares about defendants. I also believe he would not ever be judgmental to any defendant and would give them the most rigorous defense he could.

I also believe Neil is extremely ethical - I suggested one course of action once during the case which was legal but because it had even a slight ethical question Neil said he wouldn't participate. He was very fair about billing and fees and I can tell that he will do the right thing.

I don't think Neil would ever bend the rules for anyone but he will fight very hard and exhaust all legal means in existence for your defense without judgement. He will support exactly what you tell him.

If I had it to do over again I would have trusted him more, asked less questions and given him even more information. Neil also is at the perfect place in his career where he has a long time of really significant experience but is still young and energetic. I can't recommend Neil highly enough. If you are facing a serious criminal matter I don't think there is a better choice."

Indecent Assault and Battery Client

download (1)_edited.jpg

Old Case Corrected-Gun License Restored

"An incident that happened back in 1969 came back to bite me in the ass. I was referred to Mr. Tassel, I explained my situation to him. after our meeting I walked away feeling comfortable that I was in good hands. We had our day in court, the DA had his say and I Got a Sinking Feeling in the pit of my stomach, but then mr. Tassel stood up and it was like a scene from the movies, he started quoting laws from 1969 to present. And with a very compelling argument persuaded the judge in our favor. Score one for the home team! 
I would highly recommend attorney Mr. Neil Tassel"

"Mr. Tassel was amazing, knowledgeable and helpful. As nerve wrecking as it was to find myself in the situation I was in, Neil was there on my side. He knew how to approach every situation and If I had any question or concern I would reach out to him and there would be a phone call, text or email right back to me with his response. The communication went on for months until he got ALL the cases (breaking and entering, assault and battery) against me dismissed. I would highly recommend his services. He is truly one of a kind!!! Thank you!."

Attorney Tassel responds: This case arose from an unfortunate situation during the dissolution of a marriage and the wife's new relationship.  The client reacted in an unfortunate but understandable way.

Another Satisfied Client-Charges Dismissed

Serious Drug Case Dismissed

"My lawyer is a godsend. Everything he told me was for my good. He told me the truth whether I liked it or not. I have nothing bad to say about him. In such a case where all the odds were against me, Neil did his absolute best. We won the case and I am eternally grateful. This is a lawyer who has the experience to back up his actions. He knows the laws. There's a difference between knowing and doing. Neil does both."

Neil Tassel says: this client was a college student who was with her boyfriend while he is alleged to have been delivering drugs.  I was confident that she would be acquitted based on the evidence and ultimately the Commonwealth decided to drop the charges right before trial.

United States Court House

"I would strongly recommend Attorney Neil Tassel. He took what appeared on the surface to be a no win situation and through careful examination of the facts combined with his knowledge of the law was able through cross examination of myself and the opposing party to present such a strong case that a resolution was reached before a judgement was rendered. Prior to the hearing the other side had no interest in resolving the issue. There were some circumstances that other attorneys may have hesitated to present but Attorney Tassel put them right out there. He was organized and well prepared when we went to court. Attorney Tassel presented the facts in a way that proved his point with out antagonizing the other side enabling a resolution to be reached.

"The best lawyer on the east coast!"

"Not only was Neil extremely helpful, but he was confident that we would get the results we sought. Neil saved my future, and made sure that I recieved no criminal record. He is well connected and hiring him was absolutely the best decision I've ever made. Do yourself a favor and hire Neil to represent you."

Marcus Mitchell

"I am a Massachusetts resident with a clean record I made the mistake of leaving my firearm unattended in a locked car. Because of a medical emergency. But the powers that be only see crime and punishment. Luckily through a mutual friend I found out about Attorney Tassel's firearms law case experience. Neil S. Tassel is a professional, experienced, attorney who knows both sides of the court. He will answer all your questions and tell you your options. When your freedom is on the line call Neil S. Tassel."

Attorney Tassel says: less than a year later this client was able to obtain his LTC back too.


"Neil is the best guys. It's hard to find someone that you know you can trust from the first time you meet then who is smart and professional and just damn good at what they do. Neil is a family man who loves to travel and loves meeting people and getting to know other story's from around the world. Remember everyone knowledge is POWER. He won my case and did exactly what he was hired to do. Always did a great job fallowing up and truly cares about each case in there own. Thank you Neil I give you a very high recommendation to anyone looking for a good lawyer!"

"A Class Act...Genius"

"Neil helped me out with a complicated and lengthy matter involving an OUI that resulted from a checkpoint stop. He was able to assist me in navigating through the RMV appeals process.
Neil put forth a very effective strategy during the criminal portion of this case and left no loose ends. He was very thorough in filing motions, was extremely meticulous when it came to reviewing all of the evidence, and was very communicative to me in explaining the entire legal process.
My case was eventually dismissed, sparing me the stress and anxiety that would have come with a trial.
I would HIGHLY recommend Neil if you are facing an OUI charge."

OUI Client

"Not only was Neil extremely helpful, but he was confident that we would get the results we sought. Neil saved my future, and made sure that I received no criminal record. He is well connected and hiring him was absolutely the best decision I've ever made. Do yourself a favor and hire Neil to represent you!"

"The Best Lawyer on the East Coast"

Mr. Tassel provides an exceptional service. Since the first time I met him I felt assured that my problem mattered and that he would do anything in his hands to help me. Throughout time he proved this to be true by always responding to my questions in a prompt manner either by text, email or phone call, even when he was away on vacation and I urgently needed his advice. I would definitely recommend his services to anybody.

"Excellent Professional"



Statements on this website of prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  This website is advertising for the Law Office of Neil S. Tassel, not a solicitation.

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