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Years of Experience

As an Assistant Attorney General and Special Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Tassel handled and supervised a wide range of criminal prosecutions for 13 years. As an attorney in private practice since 2005, Attorney Tassel has helped individuals with diverse criminal problems from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies in many jurisdictions throughout the United States and in other nations.   Whether you are facing a first offense operating under the influence of alcohol, rape or homicide, you want a lawyer with his level of experience fighting for your rights.  There are at least two sides to every story-you want your side heard.  Contact Attorney Tassel right away to gain control of the situation before it's too late.



You can exercise your rights, even in Massachusetts

Navigating Massachusetts firearms laws is complex.  If you are trying to obtain a license to carry firearms, fight a revocation or suspension of your LTC or become a firearms dealer and obtain a Federal Firearms License in Massachusetts you know how difficult these matters can be. Attorney Tassel has the knowledge and experience to assist you.  As an Assistant Attorney General, he developed expertise in these areas that he can now bring to your case and has helped many gun owners and dealers with their legal concerns.  Attorney Tassel has the experience and understanding of the interplay between criminal law and gun licensing to help correct old criminal issues to permit licensing.  He is a referral attorney for Comm2A, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network.

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Proven Success

A member of the armed forces facing charges brought against the Uniform Code of Military Justice may use a private attorney of their own selection rather than the military counsel appointed by the service.  Attorney Tassel has represented members of the armed services facing Court Martial and given them the same dedication as civilian private clients. Do you really want a military lawyer representing you if the military is prosecuting you? If you are facing military justice, contact The Law Office of Attorney Neil S. Tassel.

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