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Experienced Legal Counsel

Neil Tassel graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1987 and Tulane Law School (cum laude) in 1990.  Following law school he served as law clerk for two years for United States District Judge Nauman Scott who sat by designation on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  In 1992 he became an Assistant Attorney General in Massachusetts in the Criminal Bureau.  In 1993, Neil became a Special Assistant District Attorney in Boston and served until 2005.  In that position he worked closely with Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police and Federal Authorities in the prosecution of drug and gun offenses, as well as a wide range of violent crimes. 

Since 2005 Attorney Tassel has been in private practice and has helped individuals facing diverse problems, from simple to complex serious matters.  He has appeared in many jurisdictions inside and outside of the United States in a wide range of matters from drug crimes, military charges and homicide.  In 2017 he opened his own practice and offers top-notch representation in a personal and direct setting.  Specialists team with him as necessary including experienced investigators and experts in diverse areas such as DNA, ballistics, mental health and computer forensics for the best possible outcome.

Through his extensive experience as a defense attorney and a prosecutor, Attorney Tassel has the ability to examine any situation in detail from both perspectives to achieve the best results.

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