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Experience. Respect. Results.
The "best lawyer to have on your side in Massachusetts!"

The Law Office of
Neil S. Tassel


"Neil is the best guy. It's hard to find someone that you know you can trust from the first time you meet them who is smart and professional and just damn good at what they do."


"Mr. Tassel remains a good friend, and a source of counsel for any reason or legal inquiries that have arisen since. Highly recommended. Intelligent, professional, kind and courteous. I would not be where I am today without his help."


"Not only was Neil extremely helpful, but he was confident that we would get the results we sought. Neil saved my future, and made sure that I received no criminal record. He is well connected and hiring him was absolutely the best decision I've ever made. Do yourself a favor and hire Neil to represent you!"

Real results for real clients. (Click here for more Testimonials.) 

Contact the Law Office of Neil S. Tassel to discuss your unique situation in confidence.

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